More than a Method.

The truth is, there are plenty of great extension methods. The technique alone is not what transforms your business behind the chair.

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A More Secure Hand Tied Extension Method.

Your clients shouldn't have to request a last minute appointment because their corners popped up + you shouldn't have to move your schedule around to accommodate. 

This was one struggle for Creator, Tara Tresse, with other methods.

Hand Tied Halo Extensions came to the rescue for both her + her clients. We want to share it with you!

Virtual Atelier

Can't make it to a live class? No worries, you can still get fully certified by completing assignments online.

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Live Atelier

Get the full experience in our live classes + all digital content from the Virtual Atelier to take with you!

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Hello! I’m so excited you’re here, and I can’t wait to share my Extensions techniques with you! Adding these luxury services to your menu will not only increase your revenue behind the chair, it will also change the way you live your life. I want to teach you how to earn more in less time so that you have more time for the things that matter most to you. 


What to Expect in the Virtual Atelier?


  • A full digital library of technique training for Hand Tied Halo Extensions (assignments will need to be completed for certification)

  • Learn our tried and true Signature waterfall method AND our new Flip Up method (hidden beads)

  • Marketing Strategies to attract your dream guests

  • Pricing your luxury services

  • Personal feedback on all assignments

  • A full tool kit complete with practice hair

  • 3 One on One coaching calls for a more personal mentoring experience



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What to Expect in the Live Atelier?


  • A full day of in person training

  • Learn our Signature waterfall Method AND our new Flip Up Method (hidden beads)

  • Access to the entire Virtual Atelier Digital Library

  •  Marketing Strategies to attract your dream guests

  •  Pricing your luxury services

  •  6 One on One Coaching calls for a more personal mentoring experience

  • And, of course, a Full tool kit complete with practice hair




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